Home Improvements

5 Feb    Purposes

Purchase/Refinance + Improvements


Are you tired of searching for homes that do not meet your criteria or the kitchen & bathroom are dated??!

We have the solution for you! Our purchase or refinance plus improvements maybe the perfect fit and you qualify for fully discounted rates!

• Suited to homebuyers that require improvements either on their newly purchased home or existing residence; by consolidating the improvements into one mortgage

• Available for variety of properties with fully discounted rates

• Add improvements up such as:
• Kitchen/bathroom
• Renew the flooring
• Finish your basement

• Improvements must be completed within 120 days. (Single Advance Only)

• If Improvements are less than $15,000 then paid invoices are required and if the are over $15,000 then a house inspection report to verify work has been completed


Contact us today to find out how you can design your dream home now!