“I have dealt with this office for the past few years and have completed various transactions regarding past and present mortgages. The service from my Mortgage/Financing Specialist, Cynthia Li, has been simply outstanding.  I would openly refer anyone I know to Cynthia if they required any type of assistance related to mortgages and/or financing. It’s simply a matter of contacting this knowledgeable, reliable and friendly person to handle any and/or all of your financial needs –  and you can expect everything to be handled promptly, courteously and always so that the client comes first.  Top Notch Service! J

– Kim Hackl, Kamloops, BC

“Amanda, We both thought you did an exceptional job for us.  You were extremely knowledgeable and answered all of our questions promptly and thoroughly.  You really helped to make our first time home purchase a great experience which allowed us to relax a little through some of the confusing steps along the way.  I will definitely recommend you to friends/family or clients that are interested in getting a mortgage.  Thanks again!!!!!”

– M & P Moore

“Thank you to Amanda Marsh at Verico Bava Financial Corp. for all of her hard work helping to secure the funding for my new home! I knew that a mobile in a mobile home park with a fast-approaching closing date would provide challenges but my realtor suggested that I use Amanda. She was right! Amanda was willing and eager to help. She got to work right away to find a lender. As an Operations Manager at a busy transport company, I didn’t have time to apply from bank to bank. She kept me informed, was available when I needed her to be, and communicated between my realtor and my solicitor to ensure that the process went as quickly as possible. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone.”

– D. Giorgi

“In March 2008, my wife and I found ourselves in a panic when the house we were renting came up for sale unexpectedly. As most people know, the vacancy rate in Kamloops is very low and the prospect of having to move was extremely stressful. Laura owns a home based pet grooming business, and we figured that it would have to close if we had to move. Our only option seemed to be to try to buy the home.

Our experience with other financial institutions and mortgage brokers was very negative. Even though we had never missed a rent payment, our debt service ratio seemed to be above the threshold. Because of this fact alone, we were told that we didn’t have a chance at qualifying for a mortgage. In fact, two other mortgage brokers / lenders in town basically dismissed us out of hand and told us to come back when we had less debt.

We came to Bava Financial Solutions, and filled out the online application form. Not long after that we had an interview with Frank. With his experience and creativity, he was able to find some assets that I didn’t even realize that I had and helped us qualify for a mortgage! We worked with Kyla most closely through this process and she was extremely attentive, patient and gracious in dealing with our many questions and concerns along the way. Especially as we moved to closing, she went the extra mile many times as we fine tuned the mortgage with the lender and had more questions and last minute concerns.

Laura and I do, and will continue to, recommend Bava Financial Solutions to anyone who needs a mortgage. They helped us when we truly thought that we had no chance whatsoever in obtaining a mortgage, and we got a very competitive interest rate. We are very grateful to be homeowners and we could not have done this without Frank and Kyla. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

– Rick & Laura, Kamloops, BC

“Thank you so much for making our first time home buying experience go so smooth. We will definitely recommend you to any of our friends buying a house!”

– F & C, Fort St. John, BC

“Team Bava took all the pressure off – there was no stress, no worrying, and everything was taken care of! The experience was absolutely perfect! We will definitely be doing business with them again in the future.”

– Peter & Rosemary, Kamloops, BC

“The Bava team did a fabulous job and they were able to get me 100% financing! The mortgage features went beyond my expectations and I was informed every step of the way.”

– Bernie, TRU Professor, Kamloops, BC

“The staff was friendly, personable, and flexible to my schedule. They did everything they could to ensure that my mortgage was properly taken care of – even afterwards. I was pleased that they kept me informed of what was going on and was never left wondering. Overall, I am an extremely satisfied first time home buyer!”

– Kim, Hair Salon Manager, Kamloops, BC

“This firm was able to meet and exceed my expectations – especially the girls, I thought they were lovely. They were able to provide all of the services required at one convenient location creating a smooth and painless process. I am 100% satisfied with the service I have received.”

– Lee, Nurse, Eagle Bay, BC

“Frank Bava and his team treated us like gold! They were very understanding and able to adapt to my specific needs. The company was always willing and eager to help in any way that they could.”

– Bob, Self-Employed, Kamloops, BC

“I deal with Frank Bava Financial Solutions for three key reasons: attention to detail, follow through and ease of doing business. I am busy running my own business so dealing with Frank and his team allows me to do that without any added worry from the banks. I think any business person can appreciate such piece of mind.”

– F.W., Business Owner, Kamloops, BC